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Site Rules

Site policies, announcements, rules, etc. will be posted in here. Please read them before posting.

Site Rules

#1  Postby AB40kAdmin » Sun Mar 02, 2008 6:25 pm

In order to maintain a sense of community and ensure that we, as the AB40k team, do not become dragged into post locking, deletition etc there are a few rules to using the site.

(1) No profanity. This site is used by people of all ages.

(2) No posting of copyrighted material. No posting links to download copyrighted material.

(3) No "netspeak". Please take the time to type out your posts in proper English so that they are easy for everyone to understand. This also avoids misinterpretation

(4) Please post in the appropriate forums. If you're not sure then post it where you think it should go, and a moderator will move it as required.

(5) Respect the moderators. Heed their advice. If you have complaint about a moderator then send a private message to me (Harkan).

(6) No flame wars. No trolling. No posting deliberately to provoke people.

(7) No bumping. Bumping is the pushing of a topic back near the top/first page without adding any useful content.

(8) When posting bugs please give us as much information as possible, the phrase "needle in a haystack" springs to mind often.

(9) If you disagree with a decision about the files then do not resort to insults, haranguing, flaming or otherwise provocative behaviour of any type.

(10) Don't ask for a new codex file to be shared, swapped, given, emailed or anything else before the release date. The release date is a MINIMUM of one month from the last release date of the codex.

Failure to follow the rules will result in posting rights revocation, or in extreme cases bans.

These rules may be updated from time to time. Update notices will be posted when changes are made, please read the rules again when this happens to make sure you understand what the changes are.

A few points about the files that are listed in the FAQs but are worth reminding everyone of.

(1) New files will not and never will be released less than one month after the codex/rule book has been put on sale. This is the latest release date, not an army deal or pre-order

(2) Although we will try to stick to time frames they are always approximate. We are a group of unpaid volunteers and real life takes priority.

(3) We follow the STRICTEST interpretation of RAW, this means that your roster will be as legal as we can make it.

(4) We won't put in options for "grey areas" in the 40k rules, this would only result in so many differing options that the files would be unworkable

(5) A box picture, batrep in WD, photo from WD does not make a rule.

(6) A decision made by a group of people on another forum does NOT count as a change to rules. We work off GW/FW published FAQs. We do not claim to interpret the rules or be the source of all rules knowledge.

(a)Published FAQs are defined as Downloadable pdf files from English GW sites, or published rules clarifications in White Dwarf magazine.
(b)As the datafiles and this site are in English, only updates to English FAQs will be used for rules clarifications.

(7) Don't, do NOT, please do not, never ever, don't even think about arguing for post after post after post about an interpretation. (6) above states we are not rules 'elite' but please bear in mind the other points listed. If you disagree with how the files work then a reasoned argument with references to rules (not other forums) will hold more sway than becoming insulting. If you have an issue then PM me (Harkan)

thanks to AoS for the rules derivatives
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