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Gamesday Canada Chaos info

Discussion not related to the 40k datafiles, or anything else in particular.

Gamesday Canada Chaos info

#1  Postby Wraithlord » Mon May 07, 2007 1:30 am

Alright guys, I got back from Gameday in Toronto and here is what I remember from my chat with Gav Thorpe concerning the new Chaos codex:

Codex will be 105-110 pages in size. This is due to rules layout and background along with an extended version of alternate colour schemes for CSM's that the GW crew have come up with.

Gav pointed out that the focus/feel of the codex will be more along the lines of Renegade SM's than just the 9 Legions previously. Fluffwise, the dev team feels that renegades would be in the majority as it is too much of a stretch to imagine that all CSM's are literally 10,000 year war vets.

The codex will be similar to the SM codex in that the undivided lists will be represented in full (similar to codex astartes chapters) with the cults represented in a manner similar to the craftworlds in the new Eldar codex, ie, if you want World Eaters, give everything the MoK.

GW is seriously considering making the 4 god specific cults into stand alone books along the lines of BA, DA, BT, and SW's. This WILL NOT happen any time soon nor is it actually in the works just yet, however, if GW decides to go with this for them there will be no conflicts with the upcoming codex, as the book is being designed with this very possibility in mind.

Defiler is going to be a fast moving CC monster now. Gav said that the guys on the dev team feel that the Defiler rules simply do not reflect what they originally envisioned it as (a Chaos Basilisk basically). The Defiler will have a quick movement mode and quite possibly both an improvement in armour along with a points reduction to make it more palatable to gamers. Gav -really- didn't want to say too much on this topic though so I got no more out of him on it.

"Thousand Sons players are going to be very happy". Direct quote from the man here. No real specifics as to the meaning of this but more to come on that in a minute.

One thing Gav talked about was the fact that the dev team deliberately sat down and figured out what exactly each of the Cults was supposed to be known for and how to achieve this rules wise. According to him, World Eaters are going to get even better in CC, Emperors Children will be shooty from hell, Death Guard are getting -significantly- tougher to kill (Gav's emphasis, not mine), and Thousand Sons are going to be somewhere between EC and DG with a massive focus on psychic powers.

Thousand Sons will still be crap in CC, however this will be countered by ungodly abilities for psychic powers and shooting ability. Gav mentioned that TSons will have god blessed bolter rounds and powerful spells, amoung other things, to offset this. Once again telling me that Tson players are going to jump for joy.

Oblits are moving to HS in order to prevent the IW cheese lists as well as to take Oblits out of competition with Terminators.

We are definitely losing the Chaos Armoury. All units will have a listing of the available armoury stuff they are allowed but the days of on single, all encompassing, armoury are long gone. Get used to this idea as Gav said that was pretty much laid in stone now.
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#2  Postby Col_Stone » Mon May 07, 2007 5:28 am

good stuff.. hoping for huron blackheart-rules:)
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#3  Postby harkan » Mon May 07, 2007 11:16 am

oh sooo cant wait - xmas release I think (or is that orks) then if not it will be about october time ... woohooo
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