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To DA or Not to DA? That is my Question.

Discussion not related to the 40k datafiles, or anything else in particular.

To DA or Not to DA? That is my Question.

#1  Postby jlong05 » Sat Mar 31, 2007 10:00 pm

OK. I am building a new DA army. I love the rules and the BA army I was planning I placed on hold for their rules anyway. So here is my question. I have coming to me via a Bartertown Trade a LR (Painted in Deathwing Colors) and Dread(Painted in DA Colors) and a full squad of 3ed Termies (Obviously painted in Deathwing Colors) which I will be rebasing on correct bases.

My question is whether I should build a pure DA army and continue the paint schemes, or go something different. I have a single marine painted ina nice color shifting paint that shifts from Gold to Magenta depending on the lighting and was wondering if I should continue that color scheme for my DA army and just make a successor Chapter. The new Codex says all the main specialty figures are still valid in a successor chapter. Just rename them. So what do you all think?

See Pictures of Alternate Paint Scheme.
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