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Unable to turn off object/item descriptions

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Unable to turn off object/item descriptions

#1  Postby CrusherJoe » Sun Jan 25, 2009 4:27 am

Hey guys,

Not sure if this is the right forum to post this in or not, so apologies in advance if I'm in the wrong place...

Down to business.

I have the latest 1.00b file, and every time I try to use it to print out a list, I can't turn off the item descriptions -- namely, for "Terminator Armor"...for every squad and every sergeant there's this HUGE block of worthless text explaining what Terminator Armor is.

Now, I know what Terminator Armor is. :) So do pretty much everyone I play (I'm in Austin, TX, a VERY competitive environment). I don't need this huge block of wasted text taking up so much space.

I print the army list out on a single sheet of paper, 2-up, so I have a one-page reference to my entire army and the object footnotes. However, with these "Terminator Armor" blocks of text, the list is forced out to 3 pages, and that just screws my whole way of playing up. :) (Well, OK, it's not THAT drastic, but it IS mighty sucky that I can't get rid of those blocks of text).

Now, before anyone asks, yes, I have turned off every checkbox in the "Advanced" dialog box, and it makes no difference at all. Even when they are all unchecked, the "Terminator Armor" description stays.

Can you perhaps tell me what I'm doing wrong? Or tell me what I need to do to make it go away? :)

Many, many thanks in advance...
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#2  Postby shaggai » Mon Jan 26, 2009 3:19 am

This will be corrected in the next general release.

If you would like to do it to your file sooner, use the creator and open the datafile marked sm5EDat.dat. The go to the Item tab and select smTA (Terminator Armour). If you note at the top right -hand area of the screen there is a checkbox labeled "As Option". Click on that to put a check in it, save the datafile and then load up AB3.

You will note that not much is really different in screen output, but if you select the Print Preview (under the File tab) you will see that the textbox description for Terminator Armour is gone from the hard copy. It will be printed in the notes section at the end of the printout however.
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