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8th Edition updates

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Posted by Anonymous » Tue Dec 31, 2019 9:46 pm

Geez seriously ? I had no idea !

Posted by deano » Mon Dec 30, 2019 4:38 pm

1. There is a 1 month exclusion from the date of ANY GW release. This is to make you buy the codex/supplement/CA. I am working on Chapter Approved and all the mini dex's but I am a guy who does this in my spare time and I have been burnt out most of Autumn.

2. We are VOLUNTEERS and you did not pay us anything. Lord I would have way more minis if I was getting paid... Lone Wolf does not pay us anything they just sell you the base program.

3. Right now I am the ONLY maintainer for all the army lists.. Updates are coming but they will be in no particular order.

Posted by Anonymous » Mon Dec 30, 2019 2:59 am

Still need updates for Space Marines.

Robute is 350 now instead of 400.

Sgts can take Melta bombs now

New librarian powers, chaplains have litanies, new stratagems. I play Ultramarines so you know.

I'm not able to use this product effectively, simply due to it not being updated properly.. I've used AB for years and years. It's not right i come back to it, pay for it and its not usable. Can i get a prorated refund ? or something?

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