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40k 10th Edition Files - Bug tracker

For issues with the 40k10 files for Army Builder.

Thank you for taking time to submit a ticket about the 40k 10th Edition Files project to our Bug tracker. Complete the form below to submit your ticket, and please try to include as much information as possible when describing the issue you are sending a ticket about.

Please allow at least 24 hours before we respond to your ticket. You will be notified by email whenever a team representative makes a change to your ticket, or posts a reply. We will send you a copy of your ticket by email for your records.

Checklist before you post a bug!
Read the FAQ You can access the FAQ from the Help menu in Army Builder, or check the latest FAQ online here on the site.
Latest Release Do not post a bug report unless you have verified that you have installed the latest release files and any patches/hotfixes. Posting bugs without using the latest files may mean that you are wasting your time and ours as they may have already been fixed.

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Project information

Bug tracker
40k 10th Edition Files

You will find this in the roster options at the very bottom, make sure you pick the version that matches your installed version. If you are not using the latest version (see Downloads > Current Release) then your bug may have already been fixed.


This information about your environment may provide us with additional details that can help us in solving this ticket

The version of the AB40k files you are using

Bad: Latest, version 1
Good: 1.08a with hotfix 1


A short, descriptive, title for your ticket

Bad: Attack value is wrong
Good: When adding a marine with melta to an assault squad, the attack value is showing 2 instead of 1

Your actual report. Please try to be as detailed as possible; the more information you provide, the faster we can help you.

Make sure you include all roster option settings such as Competition Output, Apocalypse, etc. as these settings can affect when the bug might appear.

Submit ticket

Ready to submit your ticket? Please ensure that you have provided sufficient information for us to be able to quickly assist you without having to contact you for further information. The more information you have provided, the faster we can process this ticket.

Have you made sure you have installed the latest release and patches/hotfixes? The latest files are available here: Downloads > Current Release.

Have you checked that the bug you are reporting hasn't already been posted? Posting duplicates of existing bug reports makes it harder to keep track of things. The Tracker index has a search at the top to make this easy.

If you post using a registered account you will be automatically notified of updates to this ticket, but as you are posting anonymously you will have to check back manually, please allow at least 24 hours. All anonymous bug reports will be moderated, please do not duplicate your bug report if you cannot see it.

In an effort to prevent automatic submissions, we require that you complete the following challenge.