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AB3.x General FAQs

PostPosted: Sat Jun 17, 2006 8:13 pm
by jlong05
Where can I go to receive support or report bugs?

Please go to and report bugs via the appropriate forum or email the relevant maintainer.

You can also get support and links to the patches at Lone Wolf forums.

When will xyz be added?

Simple....when it's done.

Try to remember that everyone who works on the 40k files are volunteers and do also have real lives to attend to. If you feel that something is taking too long, feel free to ask if someone is actually working on it, and if noone is: volunteer to do it yourself - that's how many of us got involved with the files.

To give a less simple answer to the above question: The plan at the moment is to get the main codices done, then sublists. Then special characters and Imperial Armour. Of course, the various authors work at different rates, so some files may be more advanced than others.

How can I change roster settings without having to start a new list?

From inside AB, go to Roster - Change Rules and select the appropriate settings you require (beware this may result in AB crashing)

Why isn't xyz in the files?

It could be for a number of reasons - the most likely at the moment being that we haven't got around to it yet.
Otherwise it may just be something so oddball that we just don't know about it, or think it's worthwhile doing to work to get it in (there's that real life thing again). If it's the latter then there is nothing stopping you from making the file for it yourself and sharing it with others for them to use.

How do I get xyz sublist for my xyz army?

To access the differnt rules for each race, i.e. traits for Space Marines, legions for Chaos, enclaves for Tau, do the following:

From the Create New Roster window:
1. Select the race.
2. Click on the little clipboard above where it says "Active rulesets".
3. Tick the required ruleset you want.
4. Click OK.

From inside AB:
1. Go to Roster.
2. Select Change Rules.
3. Follow steps 3 and 4 above.

To reset the ruleset then click on Reset, for an explanation of what each ruleset is then click on the question mark

'I have a set of house rules which mean I can do anything on a 2+, can you include them?'

We try to make the files as accurate as possible and therefore only put rules/equipment/units in that are from an official GW publication and that are not marked as trial, i.e. codexes, rulebooks, Chapter Approved articles/compendiums, Studio Q n As, Studio FAQ's etc. There is nothing to stop you from downloading AB Creator and adding them yourself though!!

The datafile seems to be behaving oddly.

There are a number of suggestions on ensuring that the files compile correctly on the AB40K site in the questions forum, they are reproduced below:

1. All the 40K data files are stored in a folder called ab40k4 in the data directory for AB3. If you installed AB3 in the default location it shoud be: C:\ArmyBuilderEX\data\AB40K4.
2. Press ctrl + c together to recompile the files then reselect your roster
3. From in AB go to Settings - Development & Debugging and then set Enable datafile debugging. Then go to Tools - Data file debugging and set Always recompile datafiles to on.
4. Once you have loaded any roster, then press ctrl + c together. Once the selection box shows, select warhammer 40,000 and click compile. Once AB has finished then close AB and reopen it.
5. Worse case, close AB, go to the AB40K4 folder and remove the data.abz and core.abz files (move them to a folder that is not in the data folder) and then reopen AB and select warhammer 40,000.
6. If you find oddities when using a new file it could be a bug or AB has messed the patch compilation a bit. Check the relevant project's report list on the front page of the site for a known bug. If you can't find the prob then try the forum. If the file is not behaving as it should be then someone will let you know. Try recompiling or even reinstalling AB.

If you move the AB40K4 folder or one of the abz files then ensure it is moved out of the data folder otherwise you run the risk of duplicate files and AB will bomb.

I imported a patch and now everything has gone - help!!

When you import a patch ENSURE THE CHECK BOX THAT SAYS 'DELETE FILES NOT UPDATED BY IMPORT" IS NOT CHECKED unless the patch says otherwise. (Note: this doesnt apply for a full datafile release).

If you have loaded a patch and then find that you have only one race showing in the roster list or AB shows loads of errors then closes it is a fair bet that you left the checkbox set and have fried your data files. You can check this by looking in the AB40K4 folder - there should be around 20+ files in there). If you have then you need to delete or move the AB40K4 folder, open AB and import the last major datafile release version (thats vers 1.5 at the mo') and then reapply all the patches on top of this.

If you move the AB40K4 folder or one of the abz files then ensure it is moved out of the data folder otherwise you run the risk of duplicate files and AB will bomb.

Do you provide tech support for AB3?

The short answer is no .... the long answer is NO!

The suggestions above are a collection of fixes the people who use this site have found to work, but it is not tech support for AB in any way shape or form and as such the normal disclaimer of no responsibility for AB bombing, your PC dissolving, the universe collapsing as a result of trying these tips is in place!!
If you have any problems with AB then contact

Can I remove the other files I do not use?

Although it is possible it is recommended not to. After the intial compilation then loading is significantly faster than AB2.2

What are the roster options for?

They allow you to specify a specific set of options that affect the whole roster, such as certain units, display etc. They are as follows:

1. Special Characters - tick this to show special characters for the codex in the list of available units.
2. Custom Vehicles- tick this to use VDR units in the list of available units
3. Imperial Armour - Tick this to see the available IA units in the list.
4. Campaign Skills - tick this to use campaign based skill swith your units (not yet implemented).
5. Race Rules - tick this to view the race specific rules for the race as a unit within the available units list.
6. City fight - allows access to City Fight wargear.
7. Default unit - gives you access to a blank unit where you can set cost, name, roster position etc.

What do the abbreviations with the page numbers mean?

They specify the codex or publication the appropriate rule can be found in. They are as follows:

1. WH40K - Main 40K rulebook
2. Wargear - Warhammer 40,000: Wargear
3. FAQ x.xx - relevant FAQ published by GW
4. C:CSM - Codex: Chaos Space Marines
5. C:EOT - Codex: Eye of Terror
6. Eldar - Codex: Eldar
7. C: DE - Codex: Dark Eldar
8. C:IG - Codex: Imperial Guard
9. C:C - Codex: Catachans
10. C:O - Codex: Orks
11. C:Arm - Codex: Armageddon
12. C:SM - Codex: Space Marines
13. C:BT - Codex: Black Templars
14. C:BA - Codex: Blood Angels
15. C: DA - Codex: Dark Angels
16. C:SW - Codex: Space Wolves
17. IA vol x - Imperial Armour volume x
18. IA update xxx - Imperial Armour update xxx