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Lots of Snow!

PostPosted: Wed Feb 10, 2010 4:59 pm
by Fyrebyrd
Let it snow! Does anyone have pics of their snow?

I live in Central Pennsylvania.
Here are mine:
Image Image Image

EVERYTHING in my area is closed or will be closing by noon. My wife measured the snow it is about 28 inches deep(which included the 15inches that we had gotten on saturday). I guess its time to get some painting done.

PostPosted: Wed Feb 10, 2010 5:01 pm
by Homer_S
Great balls of snow!

I had to shovel/snowblow about 1/2 that here in far north IL. Although, the earthquake (?!?) did wake me up this AM. The lights on our ceiling fan were rattling.


PostPosted: Wed Feb 10, 2010 5:06 pm
by Fyrebyrd
Did you see the movie 2012? Hearing about an Earthquake in IL scares the heck out of me now...

PostPosted: Thu Feb 11, 2010 2:16 pm
by shaggai
I was out in it yesterday morning on a service call and then packed up for the rest of the day after about 11:30am. My apartment complex did some plowing/snowblowing shortly thereafter and by 6pm it didn't look like they did a thing. Hopefully will have a quiet day today to get some more work done in the files...

Great Scott!!! An earthquake in the Second City, what's this world coming to - I bet it has something to do with that magnetic anomaly in Lake Michigan...