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Wolf Guard units with "Exchange Weapons" selected may only choose 2 options, regardless of number of units


Problem Description
- Given the included Roster Settings
- When a unit of Wolf Guard is added to a Brigade Detachment
- And the model count for base units is set to 9
- And the "Exchange Weapons" option is selected for the Wolf Guard models
- When the user selects wargear options for the Wolf Guard models
- Then it is observed that only 2 options total may be selected (2x Power Fist or 1x Power Fist + 1x Storm Shield, etc)
- And the user is unable to fully kit out the unit with equipment

Additional/Related Problem
- Given the core problem scenario
- When the "Additional Units" -> "Wolf Guard" button is pressed
- Then the original model count of the Wolf Guard models is decreased by 1
- And a new sub-unit line item of Wolf Guard is created with model count 1
- And a new sub-sub-unit line item of Wolf Guard Pack Leader is created with model count 1
- And the overall model count in the army is increased by 2
- And the new sub-unit Wolf Guard exhibit the same defective wargear selection behavior as the core problem scenario

Screenshots of all exhibited behavior located at

Roster Settings:
- Army Selection
-- Open Play
- Roster Restrictions
-- [Open Play] Use Detachments
-- Include Chapter Approved
-- Include Campaign Books
-- Include Imperial Armor
-- Include Legends
- Space Marines
-- Space Marines (including IA Chapters)
-- Space Wolves
- Imperial Titans
-- Adeptus Titanicus


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