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Chaos Daemons Compilation: SLAANESH


--Herald of Slaanesh: Piercing Claws should do Damage 2 instead of 1. This will probably affect several Herald-types.

--Masque of Slaanesh: Serrated Claws should do Damage 2 instead of 3.

--Fiends: Wounds should be 4 instead of 3.

--Daemonettes: Alluress should cost 6pts.

--Hellflayer: should have 5 attacks instead of 4.

--Seekers: Heartseeker should be 15 pts instead of 19.


Posted by deano » Fri Apr 12, 2019 12:46 am

Herald of Slaanesh gets Ravaging Claws not Piercing.
Piercing claws are 1 damage.

Fiends need Blissbringers

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