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Chaos Daemons Compilation: NURGLE


--Great Unclean One:
- Has the wrong Damage chart, this also causes its Ballistic Skill to be listed with a * rather than its Strength. I think the one Rotigus has is right, so it should be possible to copy that.
- Wounds should be 18 instead of 12
- Doomsday Bell should be 25 instead of 20
- Plague Flail should be Assault 3 instead of Assault 2

--Horticulus Slimux: Lopping Shears should have a Damage of D3 rather than 3

--Beast of Nurgle: Should be 34 points instead of 38.

--Nurglings should be 18 points.

--Plague Drones: They should have 4 wounds instead of 3. Plaguebringer should be 40 rather than 44 pts.


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