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AdMech Compilation


--Techpriest Enginseer: Servo-Arm has damage as D1, should be D3.

--Electro-priests: Electrogauntlets should also be listed in the Melee section with the same damage, and Melee range.

--Data-smith: Refractor field should give a 5++, it gives a 6++ now.

--Infiltrators: Weapon options should cost 6pts per model, whichever option is used. Instead, having 1+ of either option adds 6 to the cost of the squad for a Stubcarbine/Power Sword, or 8 for a Flechette Blaster/Taser Goad, but does not scale up with squad size.
Princeps should be 12+weapons, instead seems to be 16+weapons. Also has 8 as the price of a Blaster/Goad combination. Unit adAlpha has the cost of the Princeps in the Prelink Eval.
I fixed the weapon options by removing the automatic Power Sword and Stubcarbine items (for both the unit and the InfAlpha Linkset) and setting the two weapon combinations to cost 6 each.

--Ruststalkers: Chordclaw should cost 3 pts, and the Claw/Razor combination should cost 5 pts per model, not 5 pts once for the unit.
The Princeps also needs its cost adjusted to 10pts in the Prelink of the adAlpha unit.
The unit as a whole seems to have an extra hidden and automatically-purchased Chordclaw and an extra Razor, which combine to increase its base cost by 5 pts.

--Servitors are not available under Elites

--Skitarii Rangers & Vanguard: Princeps needs to have his points adjusted to 7 & 8 in the adAlpha Prelink evaluation. Transuranic Arquebus should be 15 pts instead of 25 pts.

--Sydonian Dragoons
1) should have 3 attacks base
2) They have code that changes the name of a unit that only has 1 model, but instead of changing it to "Sydonian Dragoon", it goes to "Ironstrider Ballistarius".

--Kastellan Robots
1) Remove the 3x Phosphor Blaster option, using 1x and 2x should work fine. I would also switch the display order of the two so that they are each closer to the default weapon that they replace.
2) The option for 2x Blaster that replaces the Fists has a display of 2x Blasters, but the price is left at 15 points. It should be changed to 30 pts.

--Onager Dunecrawer:
1) It should be able to take a Cognis Heavy Stubber in addition to other weapon options
2) The Neutron Laser/Cognis HS option is correctly priced at 47, but has a display price of 53.
3) It would look better if either both of the Broad Spectrum Data Tether and Smoke Launchers options had NO price, or a price of 0, but not one with no price and the other at 0.


Posted by Homer_S » Fri Mar 22, 2019 5:02 pm

With the below exception, all are fixed for next release (1.12).

Kastelan Robots: The 3x option is for models that take both replacements. I'm leaving it for people that like minimalist printouts. As a bonus, I fixed the name (just one L).


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