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Tyranid Codex Issues


I have noticed a large number of issues with the Tyranid Files. Obviously the points need to be updated for CA2018 but I would assume that would occur during the next planned update.

Otherwise the following is a list of things that I noticed in a quick glance. I will note I did not read through options, special rules, ranges of stats (although I did include them where they were - or a set number opposed to a range), etc etc.

This file should probably go through a rework or full look at TBH as in its current state it's quite incorrect.

Hive Tyrant:
Toughness is currently set to 6 it should be 7.
Wounds are currently 10 and should be 12.
Attacks are currently 5 and should be 4.

Toughness is currently set to 6 and should be 7.

BS should be set to 4+

Tyrant Guard:
Attacks are set to 2 should be 3.

Str set to 4 should be 5.

Should be set to Elite. Doesn't show up there.

The Red Terror:
WS is set to 2+ should be 3+
Attacks are set to 5 should be 4 (This could be because of scything talons)

Movement is currently set to when it should be a flat 6"
BS is set to - should be a range based on wounds.
*7-12+ 4+
*4-6 5+
*1-3 5+
Toughness is set to 6 should be 8.
Attacks are in a range.
*7-12+ 3
*4-6 d3
*1-3 1
Leadership is set to 7 but should be 6

Attacks are set to 8 should be 7

Hive Crone:
Should be a flyer not fast attack.
Attacks are set to 4 should be 3.


Posted by Homer_S » Fri Jan 18, 2019 1:13 am

Fixed for next release (1.10). Please keep the bug reports coming! I like to think most of that was differences between Index and Codex...

Last edited by Homer_S on Fri Jan 18, 2019 1:14 am, edited 1 time in total.

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