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Marneus Calgar and the victrix guard not listed


The newer version of Marneus Calgar is not listed in builder. He is in Armour of Heraclus in the new build and the Victrix guard are also not listed as an option to select.

His status in the newer armour are : M 6; WS: 2+ BS: 2+ S:4 T:5 W:8 A:6 Ld:9 Sv 2+ in addition it gives him a 4+ invulnerable and all damage is halved rounded up. Gauntlets are the same as ion the codex

Victrix guard M:6 WS 3+ BS: 3+ S:4 T :4 W: 3 A:4 Ld: 9 Sv: 2+ they are armed with a power sword, storm shield, frag and krak grenades. Honour Guard of Macragge: roll a d6 each time a friendly ultramarine character loses a wound with 3 inches of unit. On a 2+ the guard can intercept that wound and takes a mortal wound.

Heros of Ultramar: can perform Heroic intervention

Calgar's Guard: if battle forged this unit does not take up a slot in the detachment that includes Calgar


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