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Chaos Daemons Compilation: TZEENTCH


--Fateskimmer: shows as having Slashing Talons as a weapon, and these aren't the unit's weapons. Also, the Lamprey Bite for this particular model should have a fixed Strength of 6 rather than User + 2.
--Lord of Change: he is armed with the Staff of Tomorrow (Fateweaver's staff), but should have a Staff of Tzeentch instead: S+0, AP -2, D3
--Flamers: the Pyrocaster should be a 25pt model, but he's at 28pts. Flickering Flames should be a 12" range, are listed as 8" range, and should have a Strength of User, not Strength 4. Also, the Flamers have an Invuln save of 5++ and use the +1 to the save from Tzeentch, rather than getting a base 4++ save. I think this is due to the Thousand Sons version having a base 4++ but no modifier.
--Exalted Flamer: Should have a Strength of 5 rather than 4. Pink flames should be S:User and a Range of 12". Blue are S: User+4, and Heavy 3 rather than Heavy D3.
--Horrors: Corruscating Flames should be S:User rather than a fixed S:3. Their cost should be 7pts per model rather than 8.
--Screamers: Should have a 5++ Invuln, and Ephemeral Form rather than Ephemeral Daemons (4++). Probably due to the same Thousand Sons issue.
--Burning Chariot: Should have a Strength of 5. Same (Fire of Tzeentch) weapon changes as Exalted Flamers, I think they both refer to the same chaFireT option, so fixing it for one should fix the other. Same Lamprey Bite weapon change as a Fateskimmer. Remove Slashing Talons as a weapon, like for Fateskimmer. Adding a Blue Horror option should cost 5pts for all 3.


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