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Chaos Daemons Compilation: KHORNE


--Blood Throne (& others): Blade of Blood should do Damage d3, listed as Damage 1.
--Daemon Prince (all Allegiances): check pricing for weapons, I know it used to be in the 40s for axe and sword (and 0/10 for Talons), but I now see an updated datasheet that shows the weapons at 10 each (and 0/10 for Talons). Also, I think that the Chaos Daemons version doesn't have access to the Warp Bolter available to CSM Princes.
--Skulltaker: Slayer Blade should have a Damage of 3.
--Bloodcrushers: Should have 4 Wounds.
--Flesh Hounds: They should have the option for a 9-pt upgrade to a Gorehound at the rate of 1 per 5 models.
--Skull Cannon: Cannon should have : 48", Heavy d6, AP -2


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