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Space Wolves Compilation


--Armor of Russ should show a 4++ when equipped. I cheated around this by giving it a "Belt of Russ" option included in it, as a quick fix.
--Auto Bolt Rifle has no description.
--Stalker Bolt Rifle has no description.
--Runic Armor gives a 4++... is this correct? From my memory, it was a 5++.

--All Characters on Bike (Index only option for some, I think): There is a check-box option for a Plasma Pistol at a cost of 0 pts instead of 5 pts. Also applies to Wolf Guard Pack Leader. At the same time, there is a 0-1 option for Plasma Pistol, that DOES cost 5 pts.

--Long Fangs:
1) the Wolf Guard Long Fang Pack Leader in Terminator Armor (there's a mouthful) has an "Is Effective" tag selected. This makes him count against the 5-max model count of Long Fangs, so that if you add him to a Long Fangs squad, you are limited to running 4 Long Fangs (plus a Pack Leader). Remove the tag, and he no longer counts against the maximum.
2) the Pack Leader for Long Fangs shows as a Veteran Sergeant with a base cost of 16 rather than as a Long Fangs Pack Leader. This is because the swSgtLF option has a Child of spaSgtVV, which is the Space Marine Vanguard Veteran sergeant, rather than swSgtLF, which is the Long Fangs Pack Leader unit. Also, once this is done, the LFPT needs its cost adjusted from 13 to 14 to match the Long Fangs.

--TWC option for Storm Shields costs 15, should be 10 (I think this was from an FAQ that clarified that they pay the 10pts for a character cost rather than the 2 pts for a non-character).


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