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Drukhari compilation


--Raiders: Data files has them at 95 base, I think they should be 65. Options look fine.
--Venoms: Listed at 65 base, should be 55.
1) Macro-scalpels are done wrong: they are listed at an item that is 2x Macro-scalpels at a cost of 8pts, but are still bought in pairs (so the base Talos ends up with 4 scalpels, and each other weapon option removes 2 at a time... since they are de-selected one at a time, the item should be a 4-pt single Macro-scalpel rather than a pair). I think the Macro-scalpel option should use item "el_McroSc" instead of "el_McroSc2".
2) The Haywire Blaster option costs 0 points, it should be 8 per Blaster for a total of 16 for the choice. The base price of the HwB in the file is 0, so changing it to 8 fixed this... but I'm not sure why the Scourges had the right cost for the weapon when the Talos didn't.
3) Ichor Injector has the right cost, but unlike the other melee-weapon options it does not show the cost until it's selected.
--Grotesques: The Monstrous Cleaver costs 0 points, should be 3.
--Kabalite Warrior: Power Sword option costs 0, should be 4. I think this is a general problem with Power Swords for the Drukhari, not just for a Warrior Sybarite.
--Hellions: Power Sword costs 0, as above, and a Stunclaw costs 74.
--Mandrakes: If the datasheet I'm looking at online is right, they should have 3 attacks, and 4 for the upgrade.
--Sslyth: should be 27 base instead of 31.
--Reavers: both Cluster Caltrops and Grav-Talon options should have the Single checkbox selected so that you buy them for one model at a cost of 3. Right now, the cost is 3xJetbikes, for each one that you buy.
1) Weapon costs only show up for 3 out of 6 weapons until they are selected.
2) The selectable Range on Splinter Cannons is 0-2, it should be 0-4.
--Cronos: Spirit Probe option has a cost equal to 5xModels instead of 5, it needs the Single checkbox to be selected.

That's all for that file, I think. At least for now. Cheers.


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